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Campus Volunteering



Campus Volunteering

One of the ways we can foster a successful Montessori learning community is to have our parents and other family members participate in the many activities we plan for our students as a means to further enrich our students’ learning experience. With this in mind, we thank you for considering volunteering your time with us. 

Please note, for the safety of all CMP students, persons who wish to work directly with children must first complete certain background and clearance requirements as outlined below. 

If you would like to volunteer in the classroom, volunteer at a social event or chaperone an event, we require the following items:

  • A clear and continuous LiveScan report through DOJ. Please note this is a one-time requirement.
  • A clear TB test (negative result); good for 4 years from date of reading.
  • Participation in our volunteer training: “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Volunteers” prior to volunteering, and updated as required by your child’s campus. 

If you would like to drive on a field trip, we need the above 3 items AND:

  • certified copy of your driving history from the DMV, Form K4. These reports can be requested in person, and the reports cost $5. The report must be a certified copy. We recommend you make an appointment with the DMV office of your choice to save time. Please note, your report must be turned into CMP within 30 days of the report date and we will ask for an updated copy if later than 30 days. Also, this report needs to be turned in annually to CMP. 
    • As of early 2020, the DMV is offering DMV NOW Kiosks. You may obtain your DMV Driving Record via the kiosk and CMP will accept this report. Please visit the DMV website for more information on the kiosks, their locations and what they do.
  • Copy of your current, valid driver’s license. 
  • Copy of your current, valid auto registration for the car you will be driving (annual requirement).
  • Copy of your auto insurance declarations page showing bodily injury limits of $100,000 (each person)/$300,000 (each accident). Please note you can call your insurance carrier to temporarily raise your limits for the day of volunteer service with a simple phone call. New coverage page can be faxed to your child’s school office prior to the trip.

 In addition, Sacramento County requires that all Volunteers provide the school with negative covid test results within 24 hours of volunteering.

 For your convenience, parent volunteers may test at the campus on the day of volunteering, before volunteering, through CMP’s Rapid Antigen Testing program.  

Please plan to arrive at the school office 20 minutes before your volunteering start time to complete testing and have results read prior to volunteering. 


Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at your child’s school office for forms and additional information. Thank you in advance for your commitment to the success of our learning community!