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CMP sees the importance of having an after school athletics program. This program will serve as a sense of pride and unity for the participating campuses.  Through the sports program student-athletes will learn how to work cooperatively with their peers in an athletic setting.  The student-athletes will be taught the rules and regulations along with the skills of the sports.  Keeping with the Montessori philosophy, the individual needs of the student-athletes will be met through practice and game play.  For the lower elementary, as an example, if a student-athlete cannot serve the ball over the net, then the student will be allowed to move closer to the net.  We want the student-athletes to be successful while learning the skills so they will continue to play and stay active as they get older.  The student-athletes will have the principles of being a Montessori student reinforced through the responsibility they must take in being students first and athletes second in keeping up with their school work.  Scores will be kept but, especially with the upper elementary, the process (skills/rules learned) will be the emphasis and not the result (wins and losses).


CMP will now be teaming up with Carmichael Recreation and Park District for those students who are interested in participating in sports. They will be offering elementary volleyball, basketball and track and field for our students. Please visit their site for more information: 


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